Trader Cafe - Specialty Coffee in Birmingham

We are an independent Coffee Shop, Coffee Roasters in Northfield Birmingham. We roast the coffee on premise. We like coffee. And we sell coffee. We want to share with you what we believe to be good, quality and price. If you like our coffee, we are exciting and encouraged. If you don't hate it, at least find us different (we should be), we are already very happy. ; )

Our New Flyer

In the new flyer, there are only two messages.

Coffee Roasters
Coffee Training

Well, orginally we wanted to say a lot when we pay for a new flyer. Telling people that we are selling specialty coffee, that we are the only coffee roasters in Northfield, what coffee we offer, those coffee characters, how beautiful and how different they may be from other cafes here, selling coffee beans ...etc. At the end the 2 phases say all what we want to say. Life should be simple :)


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  2. Dont' know why my previous reply is not showing here.

    I am happy that you like our posts here. Thank you.

    Having our own webpage is becoming more difficult as people use more often social media now. Yet I would like to keep on this site and share what we do.


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